A message from the Chairman

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Inverkeithing Highland Games Website. Allow me to tell you a little about us. The Inverkeithing Highland Games Committee members are a group of unpaid volunteers dedicated to keeping the traditions of Highland Games alive in the Royal Burgh of Inverkeithing. We have been organising the Games, here in Inverkeithing, for over 50 years since there reintroduction in 1972. Although many changes have taken place in life since then, two things that have never changed are our enthusiasm for the games and our welcome to you our visitors, competitors and friends.

A great deal of time, hard work and of course money is required to keep the games tradition alive and I would like to record my appreciation of the efforts of everyone who has contributed to the success of our games, my hardworking enthusiastic Committee, the generosity our sponsors and 200 Club patrons, the local community and of course you the paying public from near and far whose entrance money is essential in keeping the games financially secure for the future.

It costs nearly £18,000 to put the games on, so if you would like to help keeping the games financially secure by contributing to the games fund, please consider joining our 200 Club, at a cost of £24 a year, by filling out the section at the bottom of the website.

We also rely on sponsorship for our survival. We are currently looking to extend our business support, local and national. If you would like to consider sponsoring an event, advertising in our program, making a donation or would like further information. Please contact the Games secretary at ihg.secretary@gmail.com.

I look forward to seeing you on Games Day and in the words of our first chairman in 1972
"On behalf of my committee I bid you welcome to Inverkeithing Highland Games and I hope you enjoy your day…"

Malcolm McGregor, Chairman, Inverkeithing Highland Games

Inverkeithing Highland Games

Saturday 3rd August, 2024

  • Prices:
  • £10.00 Adult 16+
  • £5.00 Child 6-15
  • £25.00 Family (2 adults + 2 children)
  • £2.00 Car parking
  • £0.00 Children under 5 years old
  • £5.00 Concession 60+
  • £2.00 Programme

Games of sorts have been a feature of life in Inverkeithing for many years, linked to the Royal Burgh’s Lammas Fair Celebrations, described in the Burgh records of 1648 as “…a great day for fun, frolic, fit races, ale and drunken folks, gentle and simple”!

Information on The Games, in their present ‘Highland’ format, has been traced to 1646, with the location being the Kirkgate Park, Belleknowes. This site served as the home of the Games between the wars and in the post Second War period, interrupted only by hostilities (elsewhere!) until the weather took its toll, draining the Games finances over several years, finally bringing things to a halt in 1967 when they were abandoned due to lack of finance.

Inverkeithing Highland Games were resurrected by the organising committee in 1971 and were given permission to use The Royal Burgh of Inverkeithing coat of arms. The Games then opened as an integral part of the Lamas Fair in 1971.


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